Wine Philosophy

Well Hung Vineyard hand crafted wines feature
elegance and gentle winemaking. We firmly believe
in Wine Educator Kevin Zraly’s two rules for wine:

1. Like what you drink
2. Drink what you like

To that end, Well Hung Vineyard’s wine portfolio
is designed not for one specific wine flavor profile but
for many.  In this diversity, there is strength.

The Process

The Fruit

Well Hung Vineyard has relationships with wine growers across the Commonwealth (and the country). This diversity in vineyards provides us the ability to source the best fruit, from the best microclimates in the best vintages.


Once selected for Well Hung Vineyard as fruit or bulk wine, the product moves to one of our two contract winemaking locations where it is inspected and cellared. Depending on the product, it may rest in barrel or stainless-steel tank for up to 24 months prior to bottling.

During that time our winemakers use care to develop the best blend and elegant flavor profile utilizing old county and innovative new cellar techniques.


The wine is moved to a stainless-steel tank which is in turn connected to a filter then to the bottling line itself.

The bottle then goes through a mechanical filler that releases the exact amount of wine into the bottle. The bottle is corked and a capsule is placed over the neck of the bottle.  The bottle is then placed through a labeler  that spins on the colorful leg parade that grace many of our bottles.  The production line then leaves the bottling room where it is mechanically picked up (along with 11 of its friends) and placed into a case.  A cellar worker then seals, labels, and dates the case before it is put into inventory.